Crash Avoidance
Crash Avoidance
Adaptive Cruise Control
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Automakers are currently developing cars with a new type of safety feature. Rather than creating another high-tech system to control some aspect of the carís operation, they are creating a system to monitor the situation outside the car and alert the driver of possible problems so that they can make decisions and react to the situation themselves. A series of small cameras and electronic sensors monitor the area around the outside of the vehicle, and if it senses trouble it will automatically tighten the seatbelt and warn the driver.

crash The ultimate goal of crash avoidance systems is to cut down on the number of traffic fatalities, which have steadily increased in the last few years. Over forty percent of fatal accidents result from the vehicle leaving the road, causing research engineers to focus their efforts on warning drivers if they are about to run off the roadway. Government funded research has increased significantly in this area, but there are no plans to mandate the use of these systems.

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