Crash Avoidance Systems in the Future
Crash Avoidance
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Current research indicates that future crash avoidance systems will do more than just warn drivers if they are too close to other cars. Some systems will actually take control of the car’s brakes and automatically slow or stop the vehicle, similar to actions taken by adaptive cruise control. So-called “smart intersections” are also in development which will notify drivers when they are approaching a dangerous situation, are about to run a red light, or when another vehicle is crossing their path. Rollover warning systems will monitor speed and trajectory and warn drivers if they are about to roll their car, or if they are driving too quickly for an upcoming curve.

While basic versions of this system are currently in use in a very limited number of cars, such as those that warn you if you are about to back into a shopping cart or parking pole, vehicles using advanced versions of crash avoidance systems and intended for North American markets are still in development and won’t be generally available for another couple of years. Toyota and Honda are both manufacturing a limited number of vehicles that offer crash avoidance systems for their Japanese consumers. However, industry experts predict that the market will grow to over two billion dollars by 2010.